The members of the team are:

  • Marko Bacic - University Research Lecturer.
  • Andrew Dann - Postdoctoral research assistant, facility design.
  • James Turner - Postdoctoral research assistant, experimental design.
  • Priyanka Dhopade - Postdoctoral research assistant, CFD.
  • Paul Beard - Senior research fellow, experimental support.
  • Andrew van Paridon - Postdoctoral research assistant, Control.
DPhil Students:
  • Michael Mair - Dynamic control of tip leakage flow 

Fourth Year Project students:

  • Elizabeth Thompson - Active Flow Control for future aero-engines: Investigation into piezo-fluidic amplifiers
  • Christopher Nicholls – Real-Time Spectral Extremum seeking for turbulence suppression in Piezo-Actuated Air Jets