Dr Marko Bacic

Marko Bacic

Dr Marko Bacic, is a Company Specialist in Control System Architectures at Rolls-Royce and also holds a University Research Lectureship at Oxford since July 2012. He completed his degree in Engineering and Computing Science (2001) and his D. Phil in Model Predictive Control (2004) both from the University of Oxford. From 2003-2008, he was a fixed-term University Lecturer in Control Engineering at Oxford University and a Fellow of Lincoln College. During 2006-2007 he was seconded to Renault F1 (now Lotus F1) team with the support from Royal Academy of Engineering. He was a recipient of the 2012 Sir Henry Royce Award for Technical Innovation, for his work on the Model Based Detection Scheme for IP shaft break protection of three spool turbofans.

Research Interests

·         Aerospace applications of control

·          Active Tip Clearance Control

·         Active flow control for turbomachinery

·         Control of thermo-mechanical systems;

·         Hardware-in-the-loop simulations and control of fluid-structure interactions




M Bacic, P Ireland, R Daniel, K Chana, G Priestman (Sheffield), Active Control of Fluid Flows in Gas Turbines, £1.1M EPSRC and Rolls-Royce, 2014 – 2017  

M Bacic & P Ireland Advanced Transient Heat Transfer Facility, £1.3M, Rolls-Royce and ATI, 2011-2015

M Bacic & P Ireland Real-time transient disc modelling for modulated air systems, £72,000, Rolls-Royce, 2011-2014

M Bacic, “Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for unmanned air vehicles”, £114,000, EPSRC

Peter Ireland and Marko Bacic “Investigation into root cause of non-return valve failure in cabin-bleed systems”, Rolls-Royce & EPSRC - £126,000

Graham Taylor, Marko Bacic   “Engineering applications of bird flight”, $300,000, AFOSR


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