Yi Hui Nicole Chew

2nd Year Undergraduate, Christ Church College

Yi Hui Nicole ChewWhen asked what triggered my interest in engineering, I realised that the answer boils down to my personality - Chemistry and Physics have always been my life-long passion. My inquisitive and innovative character was able to engage with the many unknowns available in the subject, causing constructive interference and great fascination. Being a logical and creative individual, I was drawn to the challenges of complex questions available in the field of Engineering. The general course offered by Oxford suited me perfectly as I had the chance to explore different disciplines before specialisation. I am currently looking at specialising in Electrical Engineering in my third and fourth year.

I was lucky enough to be given a scholarship for my pursuit in studies from my agency in Singapore. I will be returning to work for the Singapore government after college. For my summer placement 2013, I am given the opportunity to intern at the company as a signal engineer. I hope that this research experience will introduce me to new perspectives and opportunities. I believe that the multi-disciplinary education of Oxford will give me a great advantage above my fellow peers.

My college life has thus far been the best days of my life. The collegiate system in Oxford forces me out of my comfort zone into the learning zone as I interact with different groups and societies. I fell through 10000 foot for charity; dressed up for balls and even examinations; picked up new skills like punting, baking and even attending lectures after a good night out...Oxford has opened the gate to not only logics and knowledge, but also experiences and memories.