Susan Graham

Susan GrahamSusan graduated from the University of Sydney in 2009 with a combined degree in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science (majoring in immunology and cell physiology).  Her final year honours research project was on the attachment of proteins to biomaterials without the use of linker molecules to enhance implant biocompatibility.

Susan has worked as a research assistant in osteoarthritis at the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney; at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation working on electronic structures of bacterial proteins after which she was awarded the Young Student Engineer of the Year award in 2008 by Engineers Australia; and also worked at Cochlear Ltd investigating surface biocompatibility alteration using plasma treatments. 

Before Oxford, Susan followed her dream learning French in Paris and has now started working on targeted drug delivery using ultrasound for whole organ cancer therapy in the BUBBL group under the supervision of Prof Constantin Coussios and Dr Robert Carlisle.  The driver for the current research is to minimise or eliminate the side effects of hemotherapeutics used today.  Susan is funded by a Clarendon Scholarship and is part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Innovation Healthcare.