Ping Shen

1st Year DPhil, Lady Margaret Hall

Ping ShenMy name is Ping Shen and I am first year DPhil student from Engineering Science department in University of Oxford. My research topic is engineered safety barrier for geowaste disposal. This project is affiliated with Nuclear Decommissioning Authority which would one day influence the government decision regarding on the usage of nuclear power.

I have completed my Chemical Engineering (MEng) degree in Imperial College, London and I have spent one year exchange in University of Melbourne, Australia. During my time studying as an undergraduate, I undertook fundamental engineering subjects such as fluid mechanics, thermal dynamics, heat and mass transfer, business options such as finance, marketing, macro economy, as well as French as my second language option. I benefited a lot from these subjects as they provide me with a broader knowledge which enables me to implement the scientific principle to the real life situations.

Outside my academic life, I have taken leadership roles as hall senior, co-founder of Imperial Calligraphy society and the president of Imperial BHF society which fundraise for British Heart Foundation. Last academic years I was actively involved in fundraising for Kenyan Orphan Project as well as volunteering in Kisumu, a city near Lake Victoria in the West of Kenya.

I believe that as a student we should have a good work and life balance, and when comes to the engineering degree or work in the future, we should always challenge ourselves and become a decision maker. Ladies, I believe you all are capable of achieving what you want, just maximise your potential and give it a go!