Olga Barrera

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Olga BarreraI graduated in Aerospace engineering in Italy and I then got a scholarship for a PhD in Materials and Structures Engineering. I then had the opportunity to come to Oxford as a visiting PhD student in 2008 to work within the solid mechanics and material engineering group. It was an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse! I very much enjoyed doing research here, mostly in the field of computational methods for assessing structural integrity. What I found unique here was the multi ethnical and multi-cultural environment, together with the exceptional people that do research here. It is a fascinating and encouraging place to work.

I came back as postdoctoral research assistant one year after I got my PhD. I am currently involved in a European project dealing with hydrogen embrittlement of welded components. Since coming back, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many people in different fields.  One of my goals is to apply the wide range of skills that I have developed, in the fields of materials modelling and computational solid mechanics over the past 7 years, to exciting and important problems in parallel disciplines such as biomechanics.