Irene Cresci

2nd Year DPhil Student, St Cross College

Irene CresciI am currently a 2nd year DPhil student in the Osney Thermo-Fluids Laboratory and I am supervised by Professor P.T.Ireland. My project is founded by Rolls-Royce and it aims to improve the leading edge passage feed system in the stationary nozzle guide vanes in the high pressure turbine.

Before coming to Oxford I got a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Energy Engineering from the University of Florence (Italy). My B.Sc. dissertation was about trailing edge cooling systems in turbine blades. During my M.Sc. I have done a 6-month internship at Von Karman Institute (Belgium) where I wrote my M.Sc. dissertation on the effect of buoyancy and centrifugal forces in a rotating cooling channel.

Why did I choose to study engineering? I have loved maths since I was in primary school and afterwards I have discovered physics during the high school years. When the moment to decide which kind of studies was more suitable to me I naturally chose to apply maths and physics to the world around me.

Then during my internship in Belgium I have found people who made me discover a new love for research: a field that looked exciting and surprising. I wanted to discover more about the academic world and that is why I have chosen a place like Oxford to pursue my goals.

Oxford is an exciting place, where I have found a great environment to work: the laboratory is a strongly interacting place, where people are always ready to help each other. My supervisor spreads me with his passion for his working field every day.

But Oxford is not only engineering, there is much more to discover: college life, sports, dancing activities, theater and so on. In such a multi-cultural and stimulating environment it is impossible to get bored.