Gladys C. Ngetich

My name is Gladys C. Ngetich, a Rhodes scholar and an Oxford Blue athlete. I was born and raised in Nakuru Kenya.

Growing up, I developed a strong love for sciences, particularly maths and physics.  And often won awards during the high school scientific contests which further fueled the love for sciences. I passed my high school exams highly and got accepted to pursue mechanical engineering at Jomo Kenyatta University. While pursuing Mechanical engineering, I developed an interest in the field of thermofluids. In 2015, I graduated with distinction and won the prestigious Rhodes scholarship to pursue PhD at Oxford.

At Oxford, I am part of a thriving Thermofluids and Turbomachinery research group. My research focuses on the development of novel and advanced cooling technologies for future jet engines. At the Oxford engineering department, just like many other engineering departments all over the world, the issue of gender gap is undoubtedly a major concern.  Being a minority is sometimes challenging and that is why I joined Women in Engineering (WiE) group. WiE offers space and opportunity for women to talk freely about what they feel, their fears and concerns. Being part of WiE has been immensely beneficial to me; I have had a chance, among other things, to network with amazing women engineers and listen to inspirational speakers from different parts of the world.