Eleanor Stride

Associate Professor, Fellow of St Catherine's College

Eleanor StrideProfessor Eleanor Stride studied for a BEng and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University College London. She has complementary interests in science and industrial design which drew her to Engineering initially and it was while she was an undergraduate that her current research interest developed: her third-year project on non-destructive testing using ultrasound and a serendipitous meeting with a radiologist led her to studying the use of microbubble agents in medical ultrasound imaging and ultimately to designing and engineering new types of agent for both imaging and therapy.

Following the completion of her doctorate in the UCL Ultrasonics Group, she was appointed to a lectureship and a Royal Academy of Engineering and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Research Fellowship during which she co-founded the Encapsulation Research Group whose work focuses on developing new methods for fabricating bubbles, capsules and other nano and microscale layered structures for a range of biomedical and other applications.

In 2011 Eleanor moved to Oxford taking up a University Lectureship and Non-Tutorial Fellowship at St Catherine’s College and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering where she continues her research in ultrasound, medical imaging and encapsulation. In particular, under a new award from the EPSRC Challenging Engineering Scheme she combines these themes for the development of systems which integrate medical imaging and therapy. Professor Stride’s main hobbies are dancing (ballroom, latin and swing) and painting.