Anna Hiraoka

Placement student

Anna HiraokaI am doing cancer research at Begbroke Science park for my placement year. I have gained hands on laboratory skills since the beginning. My project is looking at the effect of Rare earth element on cancer cells in combination with nanotechnology. I genuinely enjoy exploring this novel cancer therapy. I am honoured to receive an opportunity from such a prestigious place called Oxford.

I have completed Biology, Chemistry and Math A-levels at Harrow International School of Beijing. Placement is a year internship experience scheme offered at third year of undergraduate degree by the University of Bath.

Oxford University attracts a diverse group of people from all over the world and there is variety of opportunities getting to know people who are enthusiastic about their degrees, from all around the world. Being in an environment surrounded by DPhil students have been inspirational to me, and has given me the initiative to consider pursuing myself to DPhil in the future.

The engineering science department offers innovative and futuristic projects. The challenges I encountered here have made me stronger. I finally found myself applying the A-levels and undergraduate knowledge into a practical situation, and I am indeed enjoying it. Furthermore, my communication, interpersonal and organisational skills have definitely improved by taking part in lab meetings and delivering presentations. Therefore this valuable experience will certainly become helpful with my final year project next year.

The life in Oxford is aesthetic and marvellous. You can experience 360-degree historical virtual tour all the time, the beautiful nature provides the best jogging course, a huge selection of student-friendly eating places and needless to say, but a countless number of different sorts of events take place.

Engineering science is a broad subject, which could go from micro to macro scale. Most importantly, it is the centre of science where knowledge of such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics incorporate, and propose a new idea.  Lastly, more women should be encouraged to get involved in engineering because they have different views and opinions. Those unique opinions may work like a pinch of salt that turns the succulent soup into even more flavourful soup.