Andrea Chan

DPhil Student, Brasenose College

Andrea ChanAs a biological and chemical engineer with special interest in clean biotechnology, I am passionate about providing environmentally sound and sustainable solutions for a greener, more productive world. I started my doctoral studies in 2010 under Professor Ian Thompson in the Environmental Biotechnology Group. In striving for a safer, more environmentally-conscientious way of treating water, my research focuses on the synthesis and employment of nanoparticles as delivery systems for novel antimicrobial agents. As the Vice President for Nanotechnology of Oxford Biomedical Engineering Society, I am in collaboration with departments of Engineering, Materials, IBME, Chemistry, and Plant Sciences to fully capture the multifaceted power of the nanotechnology.

I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology. Prior to my DPhil at Oxford, I worked in industry at Codexis, Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in next-generation biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and renewable products. As a member of Codexis' Cellular Engineering Team, I was involved in developing improved biocatalysts to enhance the production of clean, non-feedstock biofuels. I had the opportunity to contribute to pivotal R&D milestones directly leading to company’s IPO under partnership with Shell Oil.

In addition to my time at Codexis, I joined Stanford University Genome Technology Center to develop a novel HIV- and HPV-detection method using biotinylated DNA-probes. Although my work is currently focused in green technology, I am passionate about applying my research experience and expertise to contribute to meaningful research in all areas of science and technology.