Winner of the 2012 Salters’ Institute Award

The Salters’ Institute offers up to ten prizes, each of £1,000, to final-year undergraduates studying at UK universities. Candidates are expected to obtain a First Class Honours Degree in either Chemistry or Chemical Engineering in the Summer of 2012. The Department of Engineering Science is delighted to announce that this year David Adler (Oriel College) has won the Salters' Graduate Prize in Chemical Engineering.

David Adler winning the Salters Advanced Chemistry Prize
David Adler (centre) is seen here with Professor Sir John Holman, Master of the Salters’ Company and on the right is HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan of Jordan.
To celebrate high levels of excellence within the science education sector the Salters’ Institute holds a prestigious annual event at Salters’ Hall in London. This year Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bin El Hassan, President of the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan, presented the Awards and over 200 guests attended the Ceremony.

David Adler said: "I chose the chemical engineering route during my undergraduate studies as I always enjoyed chemistry at school and its application. Although studying other aspects of engineering, during my oxford degree, I felt provided me with a more rounded undergraduate education. Additionally, working with Professor Richard Darton during my final year of study was a real honour and his support of my career in the oil sector, being a former employee of Shell, was greatly appreciated".

David added: "My secondary school state education was vital to my development. The school was sometimes associated with a bit of bad press but I would have never achieved all that I have to date without the support of the fantastic teachers. The teachers always went the extra mile to provide and make sure we were subject to no disadvantage in our education. I hope that my path will serve as some sort of example that with great teachers and hard work anyone no matter what background can achieve".

The Salters’ Institute prizes are awarded on the basis of assessments of the potential of candidates ultimately to occupy leading positions in public life, either by employment in the Chemical or related industries, or more generally in employment that supports the industrial life of the UK.  Candidates are expected to show some knowledge of the Chemical industry’s current situation and the need for changing technology in the future.  In reflecting these aims, the selectors look particularly for:-

  • Intellectual ability
  • Capacity to initiate
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to enlist the co-operation of others, whether colleagues or subordinates
  • A concern for the future of the UK industrial base

David is working for BP in Aberdeen as a Reservoir Engineer on BP’s Upstream Challenge Programme. He said: "I believe that chemical engineering has an important part to play in the coming years and I really do believe it has a key role in solving the world’s energy problems whether it’s through improving efficient use of current non-renewables or the development of alternative energy options".

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