University of Oxford teams up with Google DeepMind

A team from the Department of Engineering Science will be joining the artificial intelligence lab Google DeepMind, establishing new collaborations between the two institutions. As part of the collaboration (which also involves the Department of Computer Science) the University will receive a significant seven figure contribution from Google to be split between the two departments.

The three Engineering Science researchers, Max Jaderberg, Dr Karen Simonyan, and Professor Andrew Zisserman, work on computer vision. They have been developing systems capable of recognising objects, actions, and text in images or videos of real-world environments. Earlier this year, Dr Simonyan and Professor Zisserman developed one of the winning image understanding systems at the recent 2014 ImageNet competition, which is regarded as the most challenging and prestigious image recognition contest in the world.

Google DeepMind has hired the three Engineering Science researchers, together with their colleagues from Oxford's Department of Computer Science - Professor Phil Blunsom, Professor Nando de Freitas, Dr Edward Grefenstette and Dr Karl Moritz Hermann - to continue research in computer vision and natural language understanding at Google. Professor Zisserman will hold a joint appointment with the Department of Engineering Science.

"It is exciting to be continuing to pursue the horizon of artificial intelligence at Google DeepMind", says Max Jaderberg, a current DPhil student, who also did his undergraduate degree in the Department of Engineering Science. "Our team's ambitions were to really take computer vision technology further, and working with Google DeepMind is the ideal platform to continue in this direction".

As a part of the collaboration, Google DeepMind will be making a substantial donation to establish a research partnership with the Departments of Computer Science and Engineering Science at Oxford University, which will include a programme of student internships and a series of joint lectures and workshops to share knowledge and expertise.

Professor Lionel Tarassenko, the Head of the Department of Engineering Science, commented: "We are pleased to be working with Google DeepMind in computer vision and machine learning, and look forward to continuing this partnership over many years".

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