The Chinese Xinhai Friendship Award

Last month Professor Zhanfeng Cui, Donald Pollock Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Department of Engineering Science, was honoured with the ‘Xinhai Friendship Award’ in Dalian, China. This was announced by the Mayor of Dalian People’s Government as Professor Cui was not able to attend the ceremony.

The Xinhai Friendship Award is the highest award given to foreign nationals who have made a significant contribution to Dalian.  The award is in recognition of Professor Cui’s collaboration with Dalian Medical University and its First Affiliated Hospital in Regenerative Medicine.

Professor Zhangfeng CuiProfessor Cui said: “I am delighted to get this award. It recognises my work to initiate and help to establish the Dalian Regenerative Medicine Centre, which has become a national base for international collaboration of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. I thank my collaborators in Dalian for their invaluable contribution.

Professor Cui’s work at the Department of Engineering Science focuses on tissue engineering and stem cell technology, bio-separation and bioprocessing, and membrane technology. With the support from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Professor Cui’s team work on engineering human neural network based on three dimensional culture of stem cells, providing a powerful tool for the study of neural physiology and for development and assessment of therapies for neural degeneration.

Bioreactor technologies are being developed to enable bone, cartilage, tendon and skin culture to grow. The study of the technology and underlining science in cryopreservation and vitrification is being undertaken to preserve living cells and engineered tissues, in order to ensure their off-the-shelf availability to clinicians. Professor Cui’s team is also developing techniques to enable the use of stem cells for drug efficacy and toxicology testing.

Xinhai Friendship Award