The 42nd Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture - a day to remember…

The 42nd Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture, titled ‘Paving the Path for Human Space Exploration: The Challenges and Opportunities,’ was delivered by Lauri N. Hansen, Director of Engineering, NASA Johnson Space Centre. Over 350 representatives from industry, academia, the University’s alumni community, and government attended. In addition, 40 pupils, aged 15 to 18, attended from schools across Dorset, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

Prior to this lecture, guests had enjoyed three mini-lectures on the theme of hypersonics and cryogenics, the 4th Year project competition and a research exhibition focussing on space, Lauri Hansen had also held a special Q&A session with pupils from local schools.

Lauri Hansen, Director of Engineering, NASA Johnson Space CentreIn her Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture, Lauri Hansen discussed the challenges of human space exploration, as well as the engineering solutions to complex problems such as the design of heat shields for spacecraft. She said: ‘There are many challenges in designing spacecraft including safety, complex vehicle design, and mass challenges.  Together, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) will provide the capability to take humans further than we have ever been before – 70,000 km past the moon.  This will be the next big step in expanding the frontiers of human exploration, eventually leading to human footprints on Mars’. 

Tribute to Lord Avebury, Eric Avebury (1924-2016) 

Lord AveburyProfessor Lionel Tarassenko, Head of the Department of Engineering Science, paid a special tribute to Lord Avebury who passed away on 14 February. Lord Avebury was a distinguished Oxford Engineering alumnus (Balliol, 1945) and a very long-standing supporter of the Department of Engineering Science. For 50 years he was chairman of the Lubbock Trust that sponsors the Maurice Lubbock Memorial, held almost every year since 1964.

With special thanks to the Trustees of the Maurice Lubbock Memorial Trust for their continued support of this lecture.

For Lauri Hansen’s lecture please view the video below:

The mini-lectures

Mini-lecturersThe Day included three fascinating mini-lectures on the topics of Hypersonic to Hypervelocity Spacecraft Heat Transfer,’given by Professor Matthew McGilvray from the Department, ‘Space engineering at Harwell’, delivered by Dr Anna Orlowska from the Science, Technology and Facilities Council, and Cooling the Mid-Infrared Instrument’ by Paul Bailey, also from the Department.

For the mini-lectures please view the videos below:

The Undergraduate Project Exhibition by 4th Year Students

JudgesPictured from left to right are: Professor Mark Cannon (Project Exhibition Coordinator); Francesca Golding; Samir Maha; Simon Banfield and Mamadou Wane. Established in 2001, the exhibition this year included a range of posters and hardware. The judges, all of whom were alumni of the Department of Engineering Science now working in industry, were: Samir Maha (Babcock International); Francesca Golding (Atkins); Mamadou Wane (Jaguar Land Rover); Simon Banfield (Ramboll UK).


Pictured here are some of the sponsors of this year's 4th Year Project Exhibition prizes.

Prizes were awarded to:

  • BP - The BP prize for best chemical and process engineering exhibit
    : Claudia Hill  
    Project title:
    ‘Polymer Coating of Vaccinia Virus for Enhanced Blood Stability’
  • Ecrin Investments - The Ecrin Investments prize for best information and control engineering exhibit
    : Piotr Czaban
    Project title:
    Learning a Human-like Procedural Knowledge Representation’
  • GlaxoSmithKline - The GlaxoSmithKline prize for best biomedical engineering exhibit
    Oliver Vince
    Project title:
    ‘Magnetic nanodroplets for targeted drug delivery’
  • IBEX Industrial Brushes - The IBEX Industrial Brushes prize for best mechanical engineering exhibit
    Dale Line
    Project title:
    ‘Surgical tool development for hip revision surgery’
  • Osborne - The Osborne prize for best civil engineering exhibit
    Charlie Cornish
    Project title:
    ‘2D Discrete Element Method Modelling of Pipelines’
  • Rolls-Royce - The Rolls-Royce prize for best thermo-fluids and turbo-machinery exhibit
    Talbot Kingsbury
    Project title:
    ‘Aerothermal Investigation of Rifle Tubes for Power Stations’
  • Siemens - The Siemens prize for best energy engineering exhibit
    Chengzhi Zhou
    Project title:
    ‘Wireless charging through Magneto-inductive wave’
  • Sony - The Sony prize for best electrical and electronic engineering exhibit
    Zain Khawaja
    Project title:
    ‘A Visual Motion Magnifier’.

Many thanks to all judges and 4th Year undergraduates who took part.

The 2016 Lubbock Day in pictures…

The 42nd Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture  The Lubbock family with Lauri Hansen and Professor Lionel Tarassenko Schools Q&A with Lauri Hansen Drinks Reception

 Student Ambassadors  Mini Space Rover  Cryogenics exhibition  Hypersonics exhibition

 What some of our guests said...

‘Many thanks for a great event. I have been thinking about space problems far too much since those interesting lectures’. Sponsor

‘I thought Lauri Hansen’s lecture was the most captivating ever. The topic was fascinating, but also her presentation was superb’. Alumnus

‘Thanks for an excellent Lubbock Day… great to see the brilliant projects and a really excellent lecture!’ Industry

‘I found the 4th year students very impressive; their ability to present and discuss complex, specialist research work was a credit to both them and the Department.  I am glad to see undergraduate research is in such a healthy state at Oxford’. 4th Year Project Exhibition Judge

‘Lauri Hansen’s lecture was pitched just right and was very interesting.’ Academic

‘I came to the schools Q&A with Lauri and I found it invaluable to have someone with first-hand experience in this industry to give us advice’. School