The 41st Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture - the Department’s biggest event!

An Australian themed Lubbock Day marked the biggest turnout in its history attracting over 350 representatives from industry, academia, the University’s alumni community, government, and schools from Oxfordshire. The Day included the 41st Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture, titled “Rise of the Machines,” which was delivered by Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte FRS; two mini-lectures; the 4th Year project competition; an exhibition on robotics and a Lotus F1 car on display.

Professor Durrant-Whyte talked about the development of the robotics industry in Australia, the science that has made this possible and the impact this is having in key industry sectors such as mining and agriculture. He highlighted the increasing use of data in these sectors, for predictive analytics and for decision making. He said: “Together sensor data fusion and predictive analytics are building a future of autonomous and remote operation of whole industries in Australia. This disruption is creating new businesses in robotics, data science and autonomous decision making – this will impact the future of the economy and society in Australia and internationally”.

With special thanks to the Trustees of the Maurice Lubbock Memorial Trust for their continued support of this lecture.

For Professor Durrant-Whyte’s lecture please view the video below:

Professor Lionel Tarassenko; Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte and The Hon. Lyulph Lubbock
Left to right: Professor Lionel Tarassenko; Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte and
The Hon. Lyulph Lubbock

The mini-lectures

The Day included two fascinating mini-lectures on the topics of “Development of the UK’s fastest wind tunnel - a UK/Australia endeavour,” given by Professor Matthew McGilvray from the Department and Professor Richard Morgan from the University of Queensland, and “Splashing, sloshing and stealth - offshore hydrodynamics writ large”, delivered by Professor Paul Taylor from the Department.

The Department has embarked on developing the UK’s fastest wind tunnel, T6, in collaboration with the University of Queensland. Once operational in late 2015, the facility will be capable of producing flows to test Earth re-entry vehicles from the Moon and beyond.

Professor Paul Taylor’s collaborations with universities in Australia focused on the exploitation of oil and gas resources and the new design challenges that offshore platforms present.

For the mini-lectures please view the videos below:

The Undergraduate Project Exhibition by 4th Year Students

Lubbock judges
Pictured from left to right are: Professor Cathy Ye (Project Exhibition Coordinator); Dr Mark Catherall; Dr Gillian Marshall; Dr Peter Bannister and Thomas Griffiths.
Established in 2001, the exhibition this year included a range of posters and hardware. The judges, all of whom were alumni of the Department of Engineering Science and now working in industry, were: Dr Peter Bannister (Alesi Surgical Ltd); Dr Mark Catherall (Catherall Consulting Ltd); Thomas Griffiths (Shell UK Ltd); Dr Gillian Marshall (QinetiQ).

Prizes were awarded to:

  • ARM Ltd - The ARM Prize for Digital Technology’
    Sabrina Barrett (St Catherine's College)
    Project title:
    “Acoustic Signal Processing to Battle Malaria-Bearing Mosquitoes”
  • BP Plc - The BP Award for the best Chemical Engineering or Energy related Exhibit
    : Kirill Titov  (Balliol College)
    Project title:
    “Electrospinning into the future”
  • Engineering Science - The Departmental Prize for the Best Energy-related Exhibit
    : Matthew Deakin (Christ Church College)
    Project title:
    “A Fuel Cell Fault Diagnosis System”
  • GlaxoSmithKline - The GSK Excellence in Communication of Engineering Innovation Award
    Rutej Mehta (St John's College)
    Project title:
    “Quantification of Dispersion and Partial Volume Effects in Arterial Spin Labelling”
  • IBEX Industrial Brushes - The Ibex Industrial Brushes Mechanical Engineering Award
    Rangarajan Ramesh (Lincoln College)
    Project title:
    “An Analysis of Complete and Common Edge Contacts”
  • Laing O’Rourke - The Laing O’Rourke Best Civil and Construction Engineering Award
    Rowan Callinan (Christ Church)
    Project title:
    “The Royal Albert Bridge”
  • Osborne - OSBORNE prize for the project with the greatest practical application to civil engineering or structures
    Jack Firth (Wadham College)
    Project title:
    “Fluid Injection in Granular Materials”
  • Rolls-Royce - The Rolls-Royce Award for Innovation in Thermofluids
    Krishan Chana (University College)
    Project title:
    “Gas Turbine Combustor Swirl & First Vane Aerodynamic Interactions”
  • Sharp - SHARP Prize for best Electronics Engineering Exhibit
    Harriet-Rose Noons (Hertford College)
    Project title:
    “Switchable optical filters for sensor protection”
  • Sony - Sony Image Processing Prize
    Nicola Milburn (St Hugh's College)
    Project title:
    “Computer Vision: Tracking and Reconstruction of an Object”

Many thanks to all judges and 4th Year undergraduates who took part.

Lubbock 2015 sponsors
With special thanks to the above sponsors for donating 4th Year Project Exhibition prizes.
Lubbock 2015 student ambassadors
Pictured here are Engineering Science ambassadors (undergraduates and postgraduates) who helped to make this event a huge success.

The 2015 Lubbock Day in pictures…

Lubbock 2015 registrationLotus F1 carLubbock 2015 project exhibition

Mini-Lecture Speaker: Professor Paul TaylorThe Lubbock LectureMini-Lecture Speakers: Professor Matthew McGilvray and Professor Richard Morgan

Lubbock 2015 drinks 1Lubbock 2015 drinks 2Lubbock 2015 drinks 3

What some of our guests said...

Fantastic event, really enjoyed the mini-lecture format followed by the Lubbock lecture. Very engaging presenters and lecture material. Very well organised”. Sponsor

Thank you and all the responsible members of the Department for organising such a splendid event. Not only did we have a wonderful set of thought provoking lectures but we also had the opportunity to renew friendships with former colleagues and members of the Department. Truly memorable!Alumnus

This was the best Lubbock lecture yet”. Industry

Our students found talking to the Department’s 4th Year students particularly useful. They were outstanding in the way they explained their projects, conveying enthusiasm and explaining things very clearly on the technical side. We were particularly impressed with the number of women engineering students at the event and that really challenged some of the stereotypes our students hold”. School