RAE - Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards 2012

Congratulations to the Department’s third year undergraduates, Julian Austin (Worcester College), Tanya Sen (Trinity College), Juliet Raperport (New College) and Jian Min Sim (St Edmund Hall), for receiving this year’s Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) “Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards”.

“Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards” provide support and motivation to some of the most exceptional engineering undergraduates in UK universities. They are highly prestigious and the Academy awards no more than 40 in any one year. These Awards 'help those who want to become leadership role models for the next generation of engineers to undertake an accelerated personal development programme'.

RAE Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards Group 2012
Pictured here are: Julian Austin and Juliet Raperport (seated) and Tanya Sen and Jian Min Sim (standing).
The Awards will enable Julian, Tanya, Juliet and Jian to acquire the skills needed to fulfil their potential and move into an engineering leadership position in UK industry soon after graduation.

They will each receive £5,000 for their personal development plan over three years. The personal development plan will encourage them to look ahead to where they think their careers are going and to start planning for them.

Every Engineering Leadership Award holder is also allocated a Sainsbury Management Fellow as a personal mentor. It is their job to offer informal advice to Awardees on their personal development and career options. The Sainsbury Management Fellowships is a scheme that has been run for a number of years by the RAE to enable high-flying Chartered Engineers to study for an MBA at an international business school.

Julian said: “The financial support really allows you to think big with career ideas".

Tanya added: “I have used my allocated funding for a language course in France, a summer programme at Yale as well as some research visits abroad. The Award really does open up a lot of opportunities, for which I'm grateful to the Royal Academy. I've also enjoyed the events they organise, at which you get to meet engineering students from other universities, RAE Fellows, Sainsbury Management Fellows and other interesting people doing innovative things in UK technology”.

Juliet commented: “As well as completing my third summer internship with Ove Arup this summer, I will be undertaking an intensive language course in France. I am planning on attending several events with the Institute of Structural Engineers this year and am also looking into professional development courses. Upon graduation I intend to spend several months abroad, gaining experience of projects in different countries. The RAE Award has been and will be instrumental in all of my plans”.

Jian said: “This Award, which has been extended to include non-UK students, has given international students like me tremendous opportunities to explore and develop my career aspirations. So far, I have spent half of my Award on a summer programme by Chicago Booth School of Business and a research attachment in Germany. This would not have been possible without the prize money”.

Acknowledgement: Royal Academy of Engineering