Professor Constantin Coussios wins MPLS Impact Award

Congratulations to Professor Constantin Coussios, Director of the Department’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering, who has just been announced as one of five winners of Oxford University’s Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division’s (MPLS) 2017 Impact Awards.

The MPLS Impact Awards were introduced in 2010 and aim to foster and raise awareness of impact by rewarding it at a local level. The five awards were presented across three categories:

  • Category 1: For research that has had substantial impact since 1st August 2013.
  • Category 2: For excellence in generating broad user interactions that achieved impact in the past year.
  • Category 3: A lifetime award for successfully engaging externally and promoting impact.


Professor CoussiosProfessor Coussios was nominated in Category 1 for his research which has led to the development of the world’s first normothermic perfusion device for improved organ preservation prior to transplantation. Working closely with Professor Peter Friend, he co-founded OrganOx in 2009. The first patient was successfully transplanted in 2013, and following clinical trials, the OrganOx Metra is now routinely being used in two continents and six countries, including Spain, Belgium, Canada and the USA.

To read full details about the University of Oxford’s MPLS Impact Awards please visit:

MPLS website

Published on 17 February 2017