Prestigious John Bush Award won by Dr Ingo Jahn

Dr Ingo Jahn was recently awarded the John Bush Award for his contributions to advanced seals. The John Bush Award recognises and encourages engineers in the early part of their careers who have made an outstanding technical contribution of value to Rolls-Royce.

Dr Ingo Jahn receiving the John Bush Award
(Photograph courtesy of Rolls-Rolls plc.)
Dr. Ingo Jahn presented with the John Bush Award by Sir John Rose, the former CEO of Rolls-Royce plc.
After completing his MEng and DPhil degrees in the Department of Engineering Science and Hertford College, Ingo Jahn went to the Transmissions, Structures and Drives department of Rolls-Royce plc in January 2007. There, he took a key role in the development of advanced secondary air seals for gas turbine engines. Primarily this has been with the ‘leaf seal’, a compliant contacting seal, and the ‘air-riding carbon seal’ which rides on an air cushion resulting in infinite seal life. Both of these seals are undergoing engine testing and their incorporation will help create more efficient and more environmentally friendly aero-engines.

Since mid-2010, Ingo has taken over the role of global oil system research leader in Rolls-Royce.