Oxford to hold artificial intelligence expo in March 2018

The University of Oxford is to showcase artificial intelligence (AI) research across the whole University with a one-day expo on 27 March 2018. The event will bring together Oxford’s AI and machine learning thought leaders, providing a unique opportunity to hear from them about their work and their vision for the future.

AI Oxford - March 2018The day will include briefings by the experts, panel question and answer sessions, demos, poster presentations by students, and an opportunity to talk one-to-one with professors at the heart of the AI revolution. It will be held at Worcester College’s stunning new Sultan Nazrin Shah Conference Centre

Topics to be covered include robotics, driverless cars, medicine and healthcare, scientific discovery, employment, finance, privacy and ethical issues. The event is aimed at industry, commerce and government. Members of the press will be invited.

The University of Oxford is one of the world’s leading centres for AI research, and has witnessed a sharp increase in interest in it over the past few years from industry, commerce and government.

‘We are in the midst of an information revolution, where advances in science and technology, as well as the day-to-day operation of successful organisations and businesses, are increasingly reliant on the analyses of data. Driving these advances is a deluge of data; by 2020 the number of internet connected devices will far outnumber people and daily data rates will exceed exabytes.’ said Professor Steve Roberts, Director of the Oxford-Man Institute, Professor of Engineering Science, and machine learning expert.

‘The Oxford AI and Machine Learning community is rich in the breadth of its talent across all domains; from probabilistic programming to big data, from the theory of inference to meaningful industrial engagement. There has not been a better time to lay the foundations for large-scale growth in this area; there is need, capacity and appetite. This is truly the age of the algorithm – and these algorithms are machine learning.’

Provisional speakers from the department are:


Provisional speakers from the wider university:

  • Professor Michael Wooldridge, Head of Department of Computer Science and leading expert on cooperating AI systems.
  • Professor Shimon Whiteson, machine learning expert and founder of Morpheus Labs (morpheuslabs.co.uk)


Further information and registration: www.ml.ox.ac.uk

Enquiries: aioxford@cs.ox.ac.uk