International Federation of Automatic Control Young Author Paper Prize 2017

Congratulations to Dr Luca Deori, who has been awarded the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) Young Author Paper Prize at a prestigious awards ceremony in Toulouse, France. Created in 1986, this is awarded at the IFAC World Congress for the best paper by an author younger than 30 years of age at the time of the conference. IFAC World Congress is held on a triennial basis.

Best Paper AwardDr Luca Deori received the 2017 prize for his paper titled: “On the connection between Nash equilibria and social optima in electric vehicle charging control games”, co-authored by Professors Kostas Margellos and Maria Prandini. Professor Margellos said: ‘The paper deals with decentralised algorithms for charging control games and employs "price of anarchy" concepts to show that Nash equilibria in such games tend to coincide with social welfare maximising strategies as the vehicles’ population size grows. In game theory, Nash equilibrium is a solution concept for non-cooperative games with two or more players, that results in the collection of player strategies where, given the strategies of the other players, no player has an incentive to deviate from his own one’.

This work was conducted during the period May - November 2016 that Dr Luca Deori spent in the Control Group here at the Department of Engineering Science as a visiting post-doctoral scholar. He was jointly supervised by Associate Professor in Engineering Science, Professor Kostas Margellos, and Professor Maria Prandini from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

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Published on 26 July 2017