Institution of Chemical Engineers Award for Department's Professor of Chemical Engineering

Congratulations to Professor Zhanfeng Cui, the Department of Engineering Science's Donald Pollock Professor of Chemical Engineering, on recently being awarded the 2010 Basil Brennan Medal by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

Professor Sir William Wakeham, President of IChemE and Professor Zhanfeng Cui
Professor Sir William Wakeham, President of IChemE and Professor Zhanfeng Cui. (Image courtesy of IChemE)
Professor Cui and Dr Muralidhara were jointly awarded the Brennan Medal for their book, "Membrane technology: a practical guide to membrane technology and applications in food and bioprocessing." The Basil Brennan Medal is awarded to the author(s) of the best book published by IChemE each year.

Their book focuses on the latest technologies and developments in the food and bioprocessing sectors that will help chemical and process engineers 'to explore and understand effective liquid processing solutions'. For example, one of the major applications in the food industry is the use of reverse osmosis membranes to extend the evaporation capacity and reduce the overall energy costs, thus lowering the carbon footprint for the overall process.

Professor Cui said: "This is a surprising and totally unexpected award.  I am delighted. Educating people is our primary job function and books are a good vehicle for knowledge transfer to a much wider audience."

This book will be a fascinating read for postgraduates, final year undergraduates, researchers, professionals in industry and plant operators. Copies are available from Amazon in both hardback and Kindle format.

The Publications Medals Board of the IChemE welcomes 'best book' nominations for 2011.  All nominations (no more than 600 words) should be sent to: by 31st October 2011.  For more information about the IChemE please visit: