Engineering student awarded prestigious Google PhD Fellowship

Department of Engineering Science DPhil candidate Arsha Nagrani has been announced as one of the 39 global recipients of Google’s PhD Fellowships this year.
Engineering student awarded prestigious Google PhD Fellowship

Arsha Nagrani


Google created the PhD Fellowship program in 2009 to recognize and support outstanding graduate students doing exceptional research in Computer Science and related disciplines. Now in its ninth year, the fellowship program has supported hundreds of future faculty, industry researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Arsha received the Fellowship in the ‘Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision’ category. 

"These awards have been presented to exemplary PhD students in computer science and related research areas”, Google commented. “We have given these students unique fellowships to acknowledge their contributions to their areas of specialty and provide funding for their education and research. We look forward to working closely with them as they continue to become leaders in their respective fields".

Arsha is supervised by Professors Andrew Zisserman and Andrea Vedaldi in the Department’s Visual Geometry Group and has research interests in computer vision and machine learning. For example, a paper by Arsha Nagrani with Samuel Albanie and Professor Zisserman that will appear in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition later this year, introduced the task of matching a voice to a face so that a person could be identified from an audio clip or a photo, which is a new form of cross-modal biometric matching.

This is the second time a student from the Department has received this honour – in 2016 Yves-Laurent Kom Samo, a DPhil student in the Machine Learning Research Group, was awarded the Google Fellowship in Machine Learning.