Distinguished Science Award

Congratulations to John Allen, Professor of Engineering Science (Emeritus), who recently received a Distinguished Scientist Award at the “International Topical Conference on Plasma Science: Advanced Plasma Concepts” held in Faro, Portugal.

Professor John AllenThe aim of the Conference was to promote a much broader area of knowledge, exploring the main advances in theory and applications of Plasma Physics. The other recipient of this award was Professor Bo Lehnert from Stockholm, who is a pioneer of the subject of Magnetohydrodynamics.

During his time at the Department of Engineering Science Professor Allen carried out a broad programme of research in plasmas (mostly of a non-fusion kind). Plasma processing is of great importance in the microelectronics industry.

Professor Allen’s recent researches have focused on dusty plasmas.  These include the formation of dust vortices, the fracture of self-organised assemblies of dust particles (known as “plasma crystals”) using a low-power laser beam, and the measurement of the dust charge by two different methods.