Daniel Mulvihill wins Tribology Trust Bronze Medal

Congratulations to Dr Daniel Mulvihill, who completed his doctorate at the Department of Engineering Science and Hertford College last year, for winning the 2013 Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Tribology Trust Bronze Medal Award.

Dr Daniel Mulvihill receiving IMechE Tribology Trust Bronze Medal Award
Mr Barry Brooks, President of the IET (pictured right), presents the Bronze Medal to Dr Daniel Mulvihill (centre), and Dr Daniele Dini (an alumnus of the Department and former winner of the Tribology Bronze Medal), Chairman of the IMechE Tribology Committee and senior lecturer at Imperial College London
The Tribology Bronze Medal is awarded annually to encourage engineers and scientists working in the fields of friction, lubrication and wear i.e. tribologists. Presentation of the medal took place at the annual tribology meeting of the IMechE in London and was followed by a dinner hosted by the President of the IMechE Mr Patrick Kniveton. The event was also attended by 92 year old Dr H Peter Jost CBE - the man who helped coin the word ‘Tribology’.

Daniel said: "This project was concerned with trying to develop a better understanding of frictional joint behaviour - focusing particularly on friction and contact stiffness. It allowed me to develop a very useful combination of skills in using both experimental and computer simulation techniques to address engineering research problems”.

He added: “Other notable benefits of the project were the strong academic team assembled, the opportunity to collaborate with other universities (Imperial College and University of Sheffield), and the exposure to industrial considerations through the group’s connection with Rolls-Royce. The project gave me the opportunity to work with international experts in the fields of tribology and solid mechanics such as Prof. David Nowell, Prof. David A. Hills, and Dr Mehmet E. Kartal of Oxford’s Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group. I would like to thank them and especially my D.Phil. supervisor Prof. David Nowell for his guidance throughout the work. I would also like to acknowledge the financial support of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Grant Ref: EP/E058337/1)”.

Daniel graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Limerick, Ireland, in 2008, winning the gold medal for first place across all faculties and the IMechE Frederick Barnes Waldron prize. He came to Oxford in October 2008 and completed his doctorate at the Department’s Solid Mechanics Group in 2012. In 2011, Daniel won first prize in the Young Stress Analyst Competition - awarded to young researchers by the British Society for Strain Measurement: http://www.eng.ox.ac.uk/public-relations/news/daniel-mulvihill-wins-young-stress-analyst-competition. Following his D.Phil. Daniel was awarded an Irish Government Postdoctoral Fellowship and he is currently based at the University of Limerick in Ireland.

Previous winners of the Tribology Bronze Medal from the Department of Engineering Science have been Andrew Mugadu (2002), Daniele Dini (2004) and Chris Churchman (2006).

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