Topics of the meeting include, but are not limited to:

  1. -    Imaging biomarkers from routine 2D fetal ultrasound screening

-     Recent advances in 3D fetal/neonatal ultrasound and MRI

-     Characterisation of developmental abnormalities

  1. -    Placental malfunction and maternal preeclampsia

  2. -    Congenital heart disease in the fetus, and effects on neurodevelopment

  3. -    Imaging lung function in the neonate

  4. -    Fetal abdominal imaging

  5. -    Intrauterine growth restriction and twin pregnancies

  6. -    Spatio-temporal atlases for organ development    

  7. -    Multi-modality imaging of the fetus and neonate

  8. -    Long-term cognitive outcome

  9. -    Correlation of imaging biomarkers to functional and nutritional measurements

Workshop format

PaPI ran as a half day morning workshop, with oral sessions, a poster session and a keynote lecture. Full-length paper submissions have been peer-reviewed and are now published online on these pages, as well as on the MICCAI workshop USB stick.


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